A cova do congro

Love song from positron boy to electron girl

I feel attracted by you
Every atom of my body
Searches yours

When you are close to me I can hardly help
Collapsing into your arms
Falling under that unresistible enticement
(my body feels that kind of attraction inversely proportional
to the square of the distance)
When you’re far
It’s my mind
That searches yours through the void

I know my hands
Will never touch yours
And our cheeks
Will never meet

Some say I’m too positive
Thinking of you
Some say you are too negative
Some say our love's imposible
Some say it’s [anti]matter what matters
But all I mind
is mind

I touch the void between you and me
And listen to your voice through the phone
And see your face on TV
And my positronic brain dreams of you

I’m not afraid anymore : bind me
And let our fate be
From light we came
To light we shall return

Let’s embrace, kiss, make love
And our photom children
Will light up the world

J-One, “Men are from [anti]Mars, women are from Venus”

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